When Should I File A Claim?

Filing a claim sooner than later is vital to the claiming process. The law has a statute of limitations on the amount of time you have to submit a claim, so do not neglect this statute and miss your opportunity to settle for compensation you deserve.

We understand that at the moment of injury you may be too shocked or unsure about the situation that you may miss certain information and details that are important to your case. This is why you should be prepared before an accident occurs, so you can ask for the information you need or have another individual collect information for you while you seek medical attention.

Information you need to collect from the scene of an accident:
• Eye-witness accounts
• Personal testimony and your understanding of the incident. Take notes of everything you remember because you will forget over time.
• Collect authority records and reports
• Obtain medical evaluation reports

Each of these documents will help substantiate your claim and help one of our attorneys represent you better. Without these documents, you’ll have a hard time proving your claim and your personal injury claim may be dismissed. We do not want your claim to be dismissed, but we must have all necessary documents to build your claim and put forth our best effort.

If you’re unsure about your scenario and whether your claim is substantial, you can simply meet with us to discuss the details of your claim. We can advise you as to whether you claim needs more to be substantial and how you can obtain additional documentation and how you can proceed with your claim.

We want to help you settle for the amount of compensation you deserve, so we will only accept payment if you are awarded compensation. Our guarantee is aggressive and strategic representation till the very end of your case.

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