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Johnson & Biscone is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 137 ratings.

I was recently injured in an accident and barely able to take care of myself. That's when their insurance company started asking me questions that wasn't any of their business as well as overwhelming me with legal matters.. I needed help but didn't trust the 'billboard' lawyers that are always on TV. Johnson & Biscone came recommended and I haven't regretted a single minute of their help.. - My case has now come to a close and I can't say enough good about Johnson & Biscone. Would I recommend them to someone in need? I already have!
Dawn Johnson
I was recently hurt in an accident and quickly realized that there was no way to properly deal with the insurance company of the person who hit me. It was apparent that their insurance didn’t have my best interest at heart. They immediately started asking questions, some of which just didn’t seem right. Realizing that we needed help, we contacted the law office of Johnson & Biscone. I was invited for a visit to their OKC office and learned how the legal process for both my injury as well as my auto damage would take place. After all of my questions were answered , I felt much better. Now the law office would be the one to deal with all the insurance and medical red tape. At this point, I needed time for my medical appointments and therapy which came after my surgery. It was complete relief not having to deal with their insurance as well as trying to understand the medical billing side of things. Johnson & Biscone handled it all and stayed in close touch with me throughout the whole process, giving me plenty of updates. In addition to handling the insurance side of things, my law team also stayed in contact with my physician and took care of that as well, even meeting personally with my doctor. We didn’t just want a fly-by-night attorney or one that uses catchy gimmicks, but needed serious help with our situation. There was simply no way for us to go toe to toe with a large insurance company. I’m glad that we got help from Johnson & Biscone and are completely satisfied with the outcome. They were always courteous and treated me with respect. I couldn’t have done this by myself. Would I recommend Johnson & Biscone Law Office to anyone who needs legal help? I already have.
j money
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Mary Support
They were able to take a difficult situation for my family and give us closure. Top knock team! Very easy to work with.. Always responds back in a timely manner.. We received the outcome we were looking for. I would recommend them for any legal needs.
AceNine87691594 Lawson
I hired Johnson & Biscone off of a recommendation from a coworker and I'm so glad I did. They were very easy to work with and their staff is full of wonderful people.
The “Soulphur” WallMasters
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Wesley SP Page
Bryce & Joe are excellent attorneys ! I highly recommend these guys. They helped me with my case got ALL MY MEDICAL BILLS PAID and I got to walk away with some money in my pocket. I went in and explained how I was the passenger in a car wreck 2here the driver of the car I was in was at fault. Their insurance company has kept putting me off and it happened in Texas. They told me approx how long it would take (they said a yr) and it only took about 8 months. They did exactly what they said they would. Highly recommend these guys over and over again!! Not to mention they have sent me Birthday cards and Christmas cards the last two years since they won my case! Very personal and do what they say!!
Christina Butler
Christy Terronez

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We appreciate and value all feedback on our services. See what people are saying about us:
Johnson & Biscone is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 22 ratings.


I had an on the job injury and was fighting the insurance company myself. All I wanted was to be fixed and go back to work. I contacted Johnson and Biscone, and I hired them on the spot. They went to work for me the same day. Thanks to this team, the insurance company got me fixed as best as possible. This firm isn't just another law firm. They actually care about their clients.

Warren C.

To be honest I never thought I needed a lawyer. But when you get hurt on the job it seems to change management’s opinion of you. I worked for a company for 15 years and after the accident I was made to feel like I was an outsider. And when my safety manager told me that I could go ahead and call that Biscone bunch if you want to I did just that because I figured if management didn’t like them they were the only people for me. If you’re needing somebody to fight for you then call EMILY OR JOE. They care about you and your well being. They got me my treatment and care that I needed and deserved as an employee and the best settlement they could obtain for me and I thank the whole team because it was teamwork from that Biscone bunch that I’m thankful for.

James Fuller

Emily Biscone fought for me like a warrior. Soldiers defend, and warriors bring war. I was found fully favorable, and it wouldn’t be possible without her excellent work.


This law firm was very professional and efficient in all of their efforts on my behalf. They brought a seemingly endless process to a successful close in a very reasonable period of time.

Leigh Wilken

The Biscone’s are extremely great at what they do. Without their help I would of never received the care I needed after my injury. If you are ever injured they will fight for you.


First time ever needing an attorney to handle a case and they didn’t disappoint. They care about you and make sure that you are recovering while they take care of the legal stuff. Thank you everyone at Johnson & Biscone!

Ozvy E.

They are fantastic law firm every employee are friendly and fantastic to work with. They all have your best interest in mind .if you are in need of a work comp lawyer they are the best in my opinion

Ron Hughes

The Biscones and staff are kind, caring and compassionate. Joe and Emily got me the best settlement possible. Thank you for your hard work.

David Bird

VERY professional & eager to help!!! No empty promises here. What they say, happens AND FAST!!!!

Rob Ellison

Very professional and kept me informed all along the way. The lawyers were great and the staff too!

Awie Almanza

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