Dealing With Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are stressful and can interfere with a person’s life or prevent them from working. There are many ways one can be injured on the job, but the most common reported incidents involve falling, lifting, automobile accidents, and accidents involving heavy equipment.

Any kind of occupation involving heights pose the risk of falling, not just construction workers several stories high. Jobs requiring employees to climb ladders and office jobs up a few flights of stairs can be a potential hazard that every worker should be aware of. The resulting injuries can include sprains, muscle tears, and fractures, any of which could result in being unable to work and pay bills.

Lifting injuries can come from any kind of profession, because it isn’t the weight of the load, but rather the way that it’s lifted that causes damage. Improperly lifted items can result in back injuries like sprains that take time to heal all the way to severe injuries that require surgery and can be an issue for someone for the rest of their life.

On the surface it may seem as though employees like truck drivers, who are on the road as a profession, are the ones at risk for automobile accidents as a workplace injury, but situations like driving to meetings, sales opportunities, or deliveries are all considered workplace-related incidents. Car and other automobile accidents can cause minor to major damage like head injuries, bone fractures, soft-tissue damage, and are the leading cause of workplace deaths in the United States.

Jobs that involve heavy equipment present dangers that others don’t. Machinery is a tool to make work easier, but professions like construction that rely on high-risk equipment are some of the most dangerous jobs available. Construction work has the highest rate of workplace fatalities, more than any other individual profession. Whether it’s from improperly maintained machinery or user error, employees should be aware of the danger.

Workplace injury affects people at every level of employment, and the damage can be stressful and long lasting. Being aware of what situations pose the highest risk can help workers protect themselves from injuries and be aware of what qualifies as workplace-related or not.

Also being aware of who you can ask for help in such a case is vital. If your employer doesn’t provide you the benefits you need, then it’s up to you to hire someone to fight for those benefits. Don’t attempt to combat your employer or insurance company without proper legal counsel.

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