3 Reasons To Hire A Workers’ Comp Attorney

You don’t plan to get hurt at work. Actually, you don’t plan to get hurt ever, which is why a sudden injury at your workplace could cause serious disruption in your life. You may need immediate medical attention or you could possibly miss several days or weeks of work because of the seriousness of the injury. In this case, you need someone who understands workers’ compensation law in Oklahoma and who has the authority to represent you with skill.

1. Insurance Companies: a main reason why you should hire an Oklahoma workers’ comp attorney is because insurance companies are smart and companies know gimmicks to keep you from recovering compensation. They may make false claims and deny service without any reason. However, an attorney who understands the ins and outs of compensation law will be able to discern whether an insurance company is neglecting you or not.
2. Employers: while we hope our employer would defend us and provide proper benefits if hurt on-the-job, some employers are not considerate of the wellbeing of all employees. For situations when an employer is not providing adequate coverage for an injury, an attorney is needed to settle the matter.
3. Substantiation: filing a claim with the help of an attorney will always substantiate your claim, providing a greater opportunity for you to receive the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys know how to help you gather substantial information and organize it in a claim that cannot be denied.

We pride ourselves in representation of Oklahoma’s finest workers. With rapid changes in our current workers’ compensation system, we’re here to help and represent those who need clarity, understanding and financial compensation.

If you need to file a workers’ compensation claim or need further guidance with your situation, then you should consider consulting with us for free. We look forward to speaking with you: 405-232-6490.

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