Update on Workers’ Comp in Oklahoma

Coming February 1, 2014 are new workers’ compensation laws in Oklahoma, changing the current system from a court-based system to one that is administrative. The intent is to save employers greater amounts of money as they can opt-out of certain benefits that they deem unreasonable.

With an administrative system, Oklahoma government leaders hope to see benefits provided as they are needed, without the high cost of court rulings. Disputes will be processed based on fairness and equitable status.

While these reforms sound promising in theory, Oklahomans have yet to experience them in reality. February 1 will be judgment day for what is to come with the workers’ compensation system.

Some concerns you may have: what if the administrative system does not provide equally for those hurt? How can administrations determine the exact compensation for an individual without challenge? Without the ability to challenge in court, how will you fight for compensation you desperately need?

These are fair concerns and are shared among workers throughout Oklahoma. Savings for employers are great, until savings compromise the benefits of employees who have a serious case and need compensation for medical bills, missed work and damages. Employer savings may prove to be of lesser value than employee satisfaction and protection at work, as employees become upset with reforms.

We encourage everyone employed in Oklahoma to acknowledge the coming workers comp changes and how their benefits will change. For counsel and desired settlements before February 1, you must consult with an Oklahoma workers’ comp attorney.

Our attorneys will consult with you for free and provide ample feedback about your case. We want every client receive the compensation they deserve for on-the-job injuries. To schedule a consultation with an attorney here at Johnson & Biscone, please call 405-232-6490.

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