The New Science of Brain Injuries and What It Means for Your Case

brain injuryIncredible advancements in medicine have changed how doctors see the brain. Modern MRIs and fMRIs can view blood flow, oxygenation and brain activity in previously impossible ways. This progress has vital applications in healthcare, but it also matters in the legal field. Today, modern scans and brain anatomy insights can be used to definitively prove a brain injury and help win cases.

The Brain Doesn’t Lie

One of the greatest struggles people have faced in the past is proving the extent of their brain injury. They may claim to have suffered significant trauma, but without having any major physical impairment, courts may dismiss their statements or companies may offer a settlement that’s far less than they deserve.

Thanks to modern neuroimaging, MRI and fMRI scans can reveal valuable insights about a person’s brain. New analyses can track blood flow and oxygen levels to help draw important conclusions about a person’s functional abilities and emotional state.

Advanced imaging can be particularly helpful when illustrating the extent of hypoxic brain injuries. These injuries take place when the brain is deprived of oxygen. One of the most common causes of hypoxic brain injuries is due to medical negligence. Babies can face lifelong disabilities if doctors and nurses don’t follow proper procedures during birth and the babies go without oxygen; even a few minutes can make the difference between being born without a disability and living with a permanent brain injury.

Using Neuroscience to Win Your Case

One of the most important parts of winning a brain injury case is to illustrate, beyond a doubt, that you or your loved one has suffered damage to the brain resulting from someone else’s actions.

Modern imaging makes it possible to get an extremely detailed picture of how the brain works, including its activity during sleep, problem-solving and communication. Signs of brain injury — like blurred vision, mood swings and difficulty concentrating — can all be explored further through an MRI and supported by other neurological tests.

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