Common Causes of Oilfield Accidents in Oklahoma

oilfield accidentsAs the country’s sixth-largest crude oil producer, Oklahoma employs thousands of oil and gas workers. Unfortunately, oilfield accidents are common and can lead to significant financial burdens, diminished quality of life and family struggles. Working with a lawyer can help you understand whether your oilfield accident qualifies for compensation from your employer or a third party.

The most common causes of oilfield accidents in Oklahoma can be broken down into five categories:


Workers can be seriously injured falling from a rig, with some injuries extreme enough to result in wrongful death. Companies must ensure proper safety measures are in place to stop accidents like this.

Collapsed Rigs

Rigs that are improperly built or maintained can collapse. Overloading rigs can also make them fall and cause devastating injuries to innocent employees. It’s the company’s responsibility to ensure it maintains its rigs and operates them properly.

Fires and Explosions

Fires are one of the most common causes of oilfield accidents due to outbreaks of hydrogen sulfide, a toxic and highly flammable gas. Because it is such a highly combustible substance, oil increases the risk of burns and injuries that can have lasting effects.

Hydrogen Sulfide Poisoning

The same gas that’s responsible for oilfield fires also can poison employees; functional, appropriate respiratory protection should be always supplied for workers to ensure they are never put at risk on the job.

Equipment Injuries

Major accidents can happen when equipment is not maintained or employees are not properly trained. At any time, someone could be sucked into machinery, encounter spinning blades or become trapped by pipes, chains and other mechanical parts. It is vital that safeguards are in place to protect employees.

Find Out if You Should be Compensated for Your Oilfield Accident 

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