No International Mystery – Hard Work Wins Case

Johnson & Biscone client James Bond isn’t a British intelligence officer, but sleuthing skills were necessary to help him win his Social Security disability case.

Bond was injured in 2008 when he was working at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT). During inclement weather, he slipped and fell from his work truck. He shattered his right ankle, kneecap, elbow and wrist. Bond also tore a muscle and cartilage in his right shoulder.

To make matters worse, Bond had a massive stroke three days later. Doctors said it was caused by a bone shard and temporal lobe clot of the brain. After nearly dying twice, undergoing experimental treatment and receiving last rites from a Catholic priest, Bond’s condition began to slowly improve.

Bond couldn’t work for a year and four months after the accident. For the first six months, he could barely walk or talk. He underwent extensive speech and physical therapy. Despite losing 67 percent of his cognitive brain function, doctors said he was ready to return to work.

For seven years, Bond continued his work at ODOT. In 2016, he could no longer sit or stand for long periods of time and was having problems with decision making. He filed for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in November and was denied because he was employed and made too much money.

After taking an early retirement in January 2017, Bond was living on less than $500 per month. He applied for SSDI again and was denied for the second time. That’s when Bond’s daughter, a legal secretary, referred him to Johnson & Biscone.

By the time we met with Bond, the case history included nine years’ worth of legal documents and medical diagnoses.

Sorting through the paper trail was time consuming, but it paid off. We gleaned valuable insights which strengthened our client’s case. After dozens of hours putting the pieces together and reviewing almost a decades’ worth of information, we went before a judge with solid evidence that our client should be considered completely disabled.

In September 2018, Bond received his first monthly disability payment of $1,500. Although he continues to struggle with health challenges, he is no longer struggling financially.

“Life would be pretty rough without Emily Biscone and her team,” Bond said. “I highly recommend Johnson & Biscone to others. I love them. They are angels of mercy.”

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