NEVER Accept the First Settlement Offer After a Motor Vehicle Accident

So you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident — once the initial shock wears off, you’re left wondering how you’ll pay your medical bills.

Directly following an accident, it’s impossible to know the full extent of your injuries or how long the recovery process will take. Insurance companies often prey on victims’ immediate need for money by offering a lowball settlement, hoping you’ll bite rather than waiting for what you really deserve.

These quick, comparatively small settlements generally include an enticing offer of paying more in the future, especially in cases where the clear liability is on the part of the other driver. Don’t fall for this trap.

This exact situation occurred recently with a Johnson & Biscone client. After his wreck, his insurance company offered him $2,500 plus up to $15,000 in future medical costs over the next six months. An offer like this can be tempting — but once the settlement release is signed and the $2,500 is accepted, it would be impossible to go back and ask for more money if he learned his injuries were more severe than first realized.

Our experience tells us it takes longer than six months for injured people to know they’ll need advanced medical care or surgery. The first six months is often spent pursuing conservative care and hoping it’s not a long-term injury. Once initial steps fail, complicated and expensive diagnostic solutions are needed to fix the problem. After six months, none of these costs will be covered.

If our client had signed the $2,500 settlement, he would’ve potentially lost out on thousands of dollars needed for ongoing medical care and non-medical damages such as lost income. The insurance company would’ve gotten away with paying next to nothing, and our client would’ve been saddled with massive bills he couldn’t possibly pay.

Skilled motor vehicle accident attorneys like those at Johnson & Biscone will rely on the guidance of medical experts to estimate costs of future medical treatments their clients may require. We fight for our clients, always looking out for their best interests and ensuring they receive the settlement they deserve.

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