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Being a personal injury attorney isn’t just about getting financial compensation for victims. When one client came to us, we realized the first thing she needed was better medical care.

The wife and mother’s life turned upside down in 2014 when an energy company employee ran a work truck through a stop sign and crashed into her vehicle. The wreck caused head and neck injuries which prevented her from taking care of her responsibilities.

She developed seizures and chronic, debilitating headaches, which caused her to lose her businesses, including the ranch which had been in her family more than 100 years.

Living in rural Oklahoma made it hard to find medical providers who could help with her complex problems.

Then someone suggested she talk to Bryce Johnson.

The first thing Bryce did was find a neurologist who could make a proper diagnosis and provide solutions.

“Bryce got me in contact with people who were willing to help, truly caring doctors,” she says. “I don’t know where I’d be without Bryce.”

After the medical situation stabilized, Bryce went to work on legal aspects. He got the energy company responsible for her injuries to agree to a settlement to help cover ongoing care and lost earnings.

“This is about more than money,” he says. “We helped her get her life back.”

If someone else caused your injuries and you can’t get the care and compensation you deserve, give us a call today.
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