Don’t Speed, But Act Fast to Keep Your License

A license to drive is a privilege, not a right. There are several ways drivers can lose their license, but an Oklahoma City attorney can help prevent that.

Drivers’ licenses can be suspended or revoked. A suspension is temporary and the license can be reinstated. A revocation is permanent, and can prevent the person from driving in Oklahoma. In both situations, the driver must surrender his or her license.

In Oklahoma, drivers arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Oklahoma or Actual Physical Control (APC), will face two separate cases (both criminal and administrative processes) that must be defended at the same time. When a person is arrested for DUI or APC, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) will automatically revoke a driver’s license unless he or she protests the revocation within 15 days of the date of arrest.

The driver must submit a challenge in writing to DPS and request a hearing. If a hearing is properly and timely requested, the revocation will not go into effect until an administrative hearing is held and a DPS hearing officer decides on the case. If the hearing officer rules against you, filing an appeal is an option. It can be a confusing process.

With two critical legal actions happening simultaneously, it is easy for drivers to lose their license. The clock starts ticking from the time of the arrest. Don’t risk your finances and your future. Connecting with an Oklahoma City attorney immediately is imperative to protecting your privilege to drive. Having an attorney that is knowledgeable in the administrative and criminal processes is your best approach.

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