What You Need for a Dangerous Drug Consultation with a Lawyer

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Are you experiencing extreme negative side effects of a medical device or dangerous drug?

If this is the case, you should consider talking to Johnson & Biscone for a dangerous drug consultation. Johnson & Biscone are highly recommended drug lawyers in Oklahoma City and they will provide you professional support with your case.

Many people will find themselves confused if it is their first consultation with a medical lawyer. Don’t be stressed or upset if you don’t know exactly what information to bring with you to your first consultation with an attorney.

This article will provide you a few different steps you can take to prepare for your first consultation with a medical lawyer. Taking the right steps to prepare yourself will help your lawyer review your claim and decide what to do next.

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  1. Create a Document With Notes About Your Issues

You must have been having the problem for a little while now, maybe even for weeks or months, so take some time to document all of the harm or side effects caused by the dangerous drug. From here on you should be documenting every single negative side effect that you are feeling that is directly related to the drug. You should include various dates including appointments and events related to the effects of the drug.

Furthermore, you can document any correspondence between yourself and the company and include information about those you have talked to with your complaints. This should include all specialists, doctors, and surgeons.

The more information you provide the better. Never exclude a bit of information because you think it might be overkill! Your attorney will be able to find the information that is pertinent to your case.

  1. Keep All Paperwork About The Drug

No matter where you are in your current situation, it is imperative that you start collecting all documents proving that you are currently prescribed the drug and that you are taking steps to fight the negative side effects. If you are currently involved in a medical dispute, you will have to keep all test results, receipts, correspondence, insurance claims, etc.

A bonus tip is to find advertisements purchased by the drug company advertising the drug you are taking. False advertising could potentially affect your case.

  1. Do Not Hide Anything From Your Attorney

This is a no-brainer but it is worth mentioning. Hold out on important facts and your attorney may not have all of the information necessary to form a case against the company.

  1. Contact An Attorney Sooner Than Later

Even if you don’t feel like you have enough information built up to make a case against the drug company, you should still contact a medical lawyer. They will help you immensely by telling you exactly which documents and correspondence you will need to start building a case.

Typically, you don’t have a large window of time to file a case. Paperwork should be filed within months of an incident. Remember that it takes attorneys a lot of time to sort through all of their client’s paperwork.

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