Client Testimonial: Seeing the Light

Johnson & Biscone is incredibly grateful to all our clients for their trust and partnership, and we love when they share their success stories. Below is a testimonial from Cara C., who explains how working with our team helped her through one of the darkest periods of her life. BlogWebsiteLinkedIn Images 2022

“I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, and on the same day, I lost my health insurance. To top it all off, I was involved in a car accident six months into my treatment. The at-fault driver slammed into me with incredible force, and I began experiencing dizziness and feeling unbalanced.  

“I sunk into a deep darkness and didn’t know how I’d manage to emerge. That’s when my best friend said I should call Johnson & Biscone. She said they’d fight to achieve a settlement from the accident to help me receive a medical diagnosis and pay for bills. It turned out I had loose inner ear crystals, which were causing my symptoms unrelated to the breast cancer. If I hadn’t called Johnson & Biscone, I never would’ve been diagnosed or received treatment. 

“The work Johnson & Biscone did for me truly mattered. They gave me the opportunity to be better off financially. I paid my medical bills and even had money left over to start a business! I now create high-end wreaths and sell them on Etsy. Expressing my creativity has brought me so much joy. There are some days I even forget I have cancer. 

“None of this would’ve been possible without Johnson & Biscone. Their hard work and dedication helped me see the light again. They care deeply for their clients, and they get results. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, reach out to their team. They’ll take great care of you.” 

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