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At Johnson & Biscone, P.A., our team is committed to providing our clients a compassionate attorney who knows what you’re facing and how to act with your best interest in mind.

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We appreciate and value all feedback on our services. See what people are saying about us:
Johnson & Biscone is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 134 ratings.

Dianne Baldwin
Johnson & Biscone, P.A. helped me through a hard time and provided me with the ability to get a fair deal. I recommend using them if you are in need. They were upfront and honest with me, when my past employer was not.
Kenneth Baldwin
I hired Johnson and Biscone for my workers comp claim after feeling defeated and that my concerns was not being heard by the doctors. Emily and the rest of the team gave me 100% confidence that I was getting the best care possible once they took over and always got back with me about any questions I had. She would always make time to explain what the next step was. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a attorney. I worked with them for 3 years on my case and I honestly don’t believe you could fine a better law firm around.
Justin Guffey
I would like to thank Joe, Emily and the entire team at Johnson and Biscone for the professional job that they did handling my case. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing a good Lawyer.
Larry Treat
To be honest I never thought I needed a lawyer. But when you get hurt on the job it seems to change management’s opinion of you. I worked for a company for 15 years and after the accident I was made to feel like I was an outsider. And when my safety manager told me that I could go ahead and call that Biscone bunch if you want to I did just that because I figured if management didn’t like them they were the only people for me. If you’re needing somebody to fight for you then call EMILY OR JOE. They care about you and your well being. They got me my treatment and care that I needed and deserved as an employee and the best settlement they could obtain for me and I thank the whole team because it was teamwork from that Biscone bunch that I’m thankful for.
James Fuller
Second go around. They will always be my lawyers. Whether it’s working with a Johnson family member or a Biscone! They are hands on! Period!
Dee Louise
I highly recommend Johnson & Biscone law firm to anyone in need of legal services. They truly care about their clients and will do everything in their power to ensure a positive outcome.
Logan Bush
I worked with attorney James Biscone and had a wonderful outcome. Their entire firm is very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Jared McArthur
Working with them was great. They made sure I got the care I need on my Workers Comp case.
Tena Simmons
Pete J

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We appreciate and value all feedback on our services. See what people are saying about us:
Johnson & Biscone is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 22 ratings.

Every one very nice n caring positive attitudes. They will take care of you.


The one-on-one communication Johnson & Biscone has with me whenever I need help is amazing. Whenever I call, they usually call me back the same day. They care about their clients. They care about me.

Eric B. (former client)

I would not use any other attorneys. Johnson & Biscone took good care of me and my case. I will send my friends to this firm.

Jason P. (former client)

Thank you for doing a great job! I am very pleased James Biscone was able to get the issue taken care of in a timely manner. Should the need arise for an attorney again, he will be my first phone call.

Tammy (former client)

I was in a terrifying accident and thought the truck company would take responsibility. The company brought in an “expert” to intimidate us and try to put the blame on me. Nothing scares Bryce Johnson. I won my case and Bryce was there when I needed him.

Pam E. (former client)

I was driving to Texas with a delivery when a massive truck hit my rig. I got severely injured and spent three months in physical therapy. When I turned to Joe Biscone for help, I was looking for someone to get my life back the way it was. The people at Johnson & Biscone really know their job well. I am glad I went to them when I was in trouble.

Clayton R. (former client)


The staff was so nice and took care of my case in a professional and timely manner. They treated me like part of the family!! Thanks to Lauren and James and Bryce.

Karen V.


There may come a day when you need to be represented...by someone who knows the law. At Johnson & Biscone, they know the laws that apply to you and how to navigate on your behalf. Being able to trust your attorney while your livelihood is at stake makes all the difference in the world. You owe it to yourself to consider this amazing firm.

Terri J.


The entire Biscone team of Johnson & Biscone took part in my case and truly seemed to care about the final disposition. They were honest and forthright about possible outcomes and kept close track of me during the medical process, ensuring my needs were met and I received proper care. When the time came to settle my case, I wasn’t surprised to see Joe, Emily, and James all there. Their professionalism and attention to detail combined with their reputation and peer’s respect, resulted in a positive conclusion to my case. Should you need representation, I highly recommend Johnson & Biscone.

Betsy R.


They jumped right on my case got me into the right Doctors ,while I had no income coming in do to my accident they got my help to make my bills and when we tragically lost my son they stayed right beside us and helped me with making sure I could arrange my sons funeral and the fought So Hard on my Case too atleast get medical bills paid and other expenses! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JOHNSON & BISCONE THEY BRING YOU IN TO THERE Family and Truly Care For Your Well-being! Im Eternally Greatful and would use them Again if Needed! IF I can't get my social security going soon I will be giving them a call back as well.

Dedrah M.

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