Which Cancers are Most Commonly Misdiagnosed?

Cancer misdiagnosis Cancer treatments are most effective when the disease is detected early. A cancer misdiagnosis wastes valuable time and causes undue pain and suffering. Thankfully, the law does have remedies in place.

Fortunately, Oklahoma law provides remedies for the harmful actions or inactions of medical providers.

What are the Types of Misdiagnoses 

Oklahoma law addresses three types of misdiagnoses:

  • Incorrect Diagnosis: a healthcare professional delivers an inaccurate diagnosis, such as incorrectly classifying a cancer stage or not diagnosing cancer that was evident.
  • Failure to Diagnose: a doctor does not diagnose cancer when it is present. This can lead to life-threatening complications as well as immense financial, emotional and physical distress.
  • False-Positive Diagnosis:a doctor incorrectly diagnoses someone with a cancer they do not have, which could subject them to painful treatments and surgical procedures they did not need.

Which Cancers are Commonly Misdiagnosed? 

  • Breast Cancer: Breast cancer is among the most commonly diagnosed cancers among women in the United States. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common cancer misdiagnoses. The potential misdiagnosis occurs due to the way breast cancer is detected, with most claims coming from inaccurate breast tissue biopsies.
  • Lymphoma: Lymphoma can exhibit similar symptoms to other diseases and infections. Symptoms are commonly misdiagnosed due to age prejudice, and tests can be overlooked.
  • Lung Cancer: There is great difficulty utilizing current imaging diagnostic tools in determining lung cancer. Lung cancer exhibits a very similar visual display as many bacterial and fungal infections, and a physician may mistakenly treat a patient for either condition.

The Ultimate Cause of Cancer Misdiagnosis 

Though there can be many reasons for cancer misdiagnosis, the biggest culprit is negligence on the behalf of the medical practitioner. Doctors are required to perform due diligence in diagnosing each patient and ensuring that they make an accurate diagnosis regardless of how symptoms among various conditions may overlap. Accurate diagnoses are their responsibility.

Johnson & Biscone Can Help You And Your Family With Cancer Misdiagnosis 

Cancer misdiagnoses are unfortunately common. A study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University saw that nearly 10% of patients facing symptoms caused by cancer will be misdiagnosed. You should hire legal help to recoup the burdens and sufferings you have had to endure.

However, do not delay. In the state of Oklahoma, a statute of limitations exists regarding medical malpractice claims. You have up to two years to file a claim beginning on the date you learned of the misdiagnosis. There are greater stipulations regarding medical malpractice claims, having an attorney on your side can help.

At Johnson & Biscone, we are committed to helping every client receive the justice they deserve. We offer a free case review to help you explore all your options and only collect fees if we recover any compensation for you. Allow our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys to stand alongside you every step of the way. Please contact us today at 405-232-6490 or book an appointment online.

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