What Is the New Warning About Ozempic?

A gavel, stethoscope, books, and caduceus sign on a tableThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has flagged a new potential risk for Ozempic involving intestinal blockages. Knowledge of the update is crucial for anyone in the Oklahoma City area who takes this medication. 

The attorneys at Johnson & Biscone stress the importance of understanding this notice to safeguard your health and legal rights. Learn more about the new warning regarding Ozempic.

Understanding the New FDA Warning

The FDA recently updated the warning label for Ozempic. It now includes a message about patients having a greater chance of developing intestinal blockages.  

An intestinal blockage – also known as ileus – is a serious condition requiring immediate attention. 

This new change is particularly significant for individuals with a history of gastrointestinal issues because they may be more likely to be diagnosed with ileus.

Some of the most common warning signs to watch for include:

  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation

Have you experienced any of these problems while using Ozempic? If so, you should contact your doctor immediately. You may also need help from a legal professional.

Impact on Ozempic Users

The new FDA warning raises valid concerns among current and prospective Ozempic users. 

If you’re worried about your health, you should discuss your medical history with a healthcare provider before taking this drug. This conversation is especially critical if you have had previous gastrointestinal issues. Ultimately, it is your provider’s responsibility to evaluate your candidacy.

Being informed and vigilant about the symptoms of ileus can also help you know when to seek a professional’s advice. You may have legal options if you notice ill effects from the medicine.

Legal Perspective and Your Rights

Our attorneys at Johnson & Biscone specialize in helping people who have been adversely affected by prescription drugs, including Ozempic. 

You or someone you love might be entitled to compensation if:

  • You have suffered from complications like intestinal blockages while taking Ozempic
  • Your provider or the manufacturer failed to warn you about the potential risk of intestinal blockages
  • You were not properly monitored for signs of intestinal blockages
  • You believe your doctor improperly managed Ozempic’s side effects

Reach out to our team right away if any of these situations apply. You may be entitled to compensation. We can help you navigate the complexities of medical malpractice and product liability claims.

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Are you a patient who is concerned about the new FDA warning on Ozempic and its potential health effects? If you were not warned about the risk of intestinal blockages before beginning treatment, you may have a medical malpractice or product liability claim.

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