How to Prepare for a Social Security Disability Hearing

A lawyer’s hand on top of a client’s hands during a social security disability hearing Are you facing a Social Security disability hearing? It’s crucial to be well-prepared.

The team at Johnson & Biscone in Oklahoma City specializes in guiding clients through this complex process. We know what it takes to ensure you’re ready to present your case effectively. 

Learn more about getting ready for your hearing below.

What is a Social Security Disability Hearing?

Social Security disability hearing is vital if your initial claim has been denied. It’s your opportunity to present evidence, explain your disability and show how it affects your daily life.

You can navigate this process with confidence if you have Johnson & Biscone’s attorneys by your side. You’ll rest easy knowing you are working with experienced representatives who understand the system.

Gather Documents

Gather all necessary documents before your hearing, including the following:

  • Medical records
  • Documents proving your employment history 
  • Other documents (employer statements, daily activity logs, award letters, pay stubs, settlement agreements, etc.) 

Your legal team at Johnson & Biscone will help you compile and organize this information.

Practice What You Want To Say

You should be ready to discuss your disability in detail during the hearing. Practice explaining how it impacts your daily activities and earning capacity. Our attorneys will help you prepare to express these details clearly to the judge. We will also go over questions you might be asked during the hearings to ensure you can respond confidently.

Make All Necessary Arrangements 

Plan ahead and ensure you’re aware of the date of your hearing and the deadlines to change the date, request an interpreter, request disability accommodations, etc. Our lawyers will manage these details for you if you choose to have them represent you.

Day of the Hearing: What to Expect

A Social Security disability hearing is usually less formal than other court cases. That said, preparation still matters. It’s important to know what the hearing will entail.

A judge and possibly a vocational expert will ask you questions during the hearing. They will likely ask about your condition and symptoms. They may also ask about your ability to perform specific activities, like sitting, standing, carrying items and walking. We will make sure you are ready.

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Preparing for a Social Security disability hearing in Oklahoma City can be daunting. However, you’re not alone when you work with Johnson & Biscone’s attorneys.

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