Watch Out For Online Auto Fraud

Before you flock to a website to purchase a vehicle, determine the validity of your source and the seller of the vehicle. Scammers are rampant in the auto industry, especially with erroneous websites and false claims.

More than 17,000 auto fraud complaints were filed last year and an estimated $64 million was lost due to fraud. The FBI tracked several fraudulent actions and determined international crime to be a part of auto fraud in the U.S.

If a website does not promise protection for buyer’s losses, such as eBay, then buyer’s should avoid outright, online purchases. Also, FBI officials and auto experts recommend viewing vehicles in person before making a purchase. It’s easier to determine whether a deal is fraudulent or not in person rather than online.

Car dealer and auto expert, Jeff Allen, who appears on CNBC’s “The Car Chasers,” says he looks at 10 vehicles before settling to make a purchase. Viewing several vehicles minimizes the risk of falling for a fraudulent trap and improves the buyer’s chances of getting the best deal.

Allen says the most important rule is to always see a vehicle first before making a purchase. If not, you run the risk of auto fraud.

If you believe you’ve been the victim of auto fraud or an auto scam, then you need to take necessary legal action to settle the situation. Our attorneys here at Johnson & Biscone will consult with you regarding your case and help substantiate your claim.

If you are a victim, we will fight diligently for you. We can help you settle for the compensation you deserve and ease your current financial situation.

Trust us with your auto fraud case in Oklahoma and we’ll represent you with respect. We do not compromise on anything we do. For a free consultation, please call our office at 405-232-6490.

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