Three Examples of Medical Malpractice

malpractice Medical malpractice can be a traumatic experience for both patients and their loved ones. It doesn’t only impact trust in the healthcare system, either. Often, it leads to severe, life-changing injuries.

While there are many possible forms of medical malpractice, these are a handful of the most common examples.

Birth Injuries

Of all the injuries that happen as a result of medical malpractice, few feel more tragic than harm to a newborn. Delivery rooms should be completely safe, allowing mothers to bring their newborns into the world with the aid of experienced specialists. However, the reality is that not every delivery room doctor or obstetric staff maintains the high standard of care that families need and deserve. Such negligence can lead to irreparable damage, affecting the infant’s future and forever changing entire families.

Surgical Errors

Another deeply concerning area of medical malpractice involves errors during surgeries.

Examples can range from operating on the wrong body part to leaving surgical instruments inside patients. While surgery always involves some level of risk, these errors often result from avoidable behavior, like negligence, poor communication, or a lapse in judgment. They can cause physical harm, large medical bills, and emotional trauma for the patient.

Misdiagnosis, Delayed Diagnosis, or Failure to Diagnose

Timely and accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of effective medical treatment. Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or outright failure to diagnose can have serious, life-changing consequences. Patients might undergo unnecessary treatments because of misdiagnosis or miss the window of effective treatment. In the worst cases — especially with diseases like cancer — a delay or failure to diagnose can lead to the condition becoming terminal.

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