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Over the past few months I’ve been asked numerous times why I decided to pursue a career at Johnson & Biscone. Without hesitation and with the utmost confidence, my answer is simple. Learning from Joe Biscone and Bryce Johnson allows me to grow as a person, become a better lawyer and prosper as an ethical advocate for my clients.

James Biscone

                    James J. Biscone

I could become a successful attorney at a number of well-regarded law firms in Oklahoma. Yet, in only four months of working closely with the lawyers and staff at Johnson & Biscone, I have already confirmed what I suspected – this place is special. Joe and Bryce aggressively advocate for their clients without compromising their integrity.

Law is one of the most honorable professions in the world. The opportunity to practice law, as an attorney in a respected law firm, is an exceptional blessing.

Working side by side with Joe and Bryce, I appreciate the compassion they show to their clients and the care they take to develop their cases. I see the professional and respectful way they deal with judges and other lawyers. Watching them constantly reminds me of the ethical and moral obligations an officer of the court holds.

I take seriously the responsibility to be a zealous and honorable advocate for our clients. I am proud to be a licensed officer of the court and an attorney at Johnson & Biscone.

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