How to Choose an Accident Attorney in Oklahoma

A landscape view of the Oklahoma City skyline during the day If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you deserve an experienced legal advocate on your side. There are many attorneys to choose from in Oklahoma City — we provide a few tips for finding the right attorney below.

Knowledge of our local area and local laws.

Our local Oklahoma City law firm knows the laws in our state and the particular layout of our city’s streets and highways. We know which areas are prone to accidents, and how these car accidents often occur. Having a local attorney on your side means all of these factors are taken into consideration.

Regular focus on car accident cases.

Your attorney should handle accident cases regularly, not occasionally. Accident claims are a specific type of personal injury case, and your attorney should know how to navigate the various twists and turns, including negotiating with insurance companies, investigating fault, and utilizing relevant resources like accident reconstruction and medical experts.

Forthcoming with references and reviews.

Other injury victims’ reviews and testimonials related to the attorney are important. A former client has firsthand knowledge of an attorney’s work ethic and communication style. It’s important to make sure this professional’s past clientele is complimentary of their services.

Communicative and open.

Skill, experience, and training are vitally important, and so too is your attorney’s ability to communicate. Your case could take months or longer to resolve, which means you will be working with this person for some time on a very serious aspect of your life. You should feel like your attorney transparently and openly discusses your case. Most importantly, they should keep you informed of the progress of your case and be available to answer your calls and emails.

Car Accident Attorneys Dedicated to You

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Oklahoma, our experienced attorneys are ready to provide you with the clear, honest information you need and deserve. For a case review, please call the Oklahoma City law firm of Johnson & Biscone at 405-232-6490.

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