How Common are Swimming Pool Accidents?

swimming-pool- acccidentsSwimming Pools: A Summer Staple

Swimming pools are a summertime staple, providing a setting for fun, fitness, and family time. But they can be wildly unsafe. The CDC reports that between 2005 and 2014, there were on average 3,536 fatal accidental drownings annually in the United States, which is around ten fatalities per day.

Swimming pool accidents may involve entrapment, chemical exposure, and slip-and-fall incidents — all possible dangers that might result in life-threatening injuries or fatalities. How often are these mishaps? Let’s look more closely.

Drowning Accidents 

The most frequent swimming pool accident is drowning, and it can occur in an instant. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that between 2015 and 2017, there were an estimated 6,700 swimming pool and spa-related emergency department-treated submersions involving children under the age of 15, and an estimated 353 child drownings in pools or spas. Adults, like kids, are susceptible to drowning, due to key risk factors of drinking and a lack of swimming skills.

Other Types of Swimming Pool Accidents 

Other accidents include slip and fall incidents, mainly due to wet surfaces near the pool. Another concern is chemical exposure, particularly when pool chemicals are not managed correctly. Entanglement and entrapment accidents occur when a person’s hair or clothes become trapped in a pool’s suction fittings or drain covers.

Preventive Measures 

Swimming lessons with a professional are the best preventive measures taken to avoid drownings. It is crucial that children are under the supervision of an adult, and swimming alone is not advised. Pool owners should periodically check the equipment in their pools to make sure it is operating correctly and maintain the right chemical levels.

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