Common Mistakes in Workers’ Compensation Claims and How to Avoid Them

workers compensation It can take a long time to resolve a workers’ compensation claims in Oklahoma. One of the biggest mistakes you can make after suffering an injury on the job is accepting a low initial offer.

Avoid these common mistakes to have the best chance of building a solid claim.

Failing to Seek Medical Help or Not Following Medical Advice

Workers’ compensation claims rely on documented proof of your injury. If you do not seek medical attention right away, it will be difficult to prove your injury claim.

It’s important to follow medical advice when dealing with workers’ compensation injuries. The workers’ comp-approved physician controls whether or not you can return to work or not.

Not Reporting the Injury ASAP

Report your injury to your employer as soon as it happens — timing is crucial in cases when you claim your injury has prevented you from being able to work.

Accepting a Quick Settlement

The insurance company may originally try to offer you a fraction of what you deserve for a quick settlement. Do not accept a low agreement without taking into account the full financial impact of your injury. Doing this can force you to be responsible for medical bills and lost wages in the future.

Not Hiring a Lawyer With Workers’ Comp Experience

You need insurance benefits to care for you and your family after a serious on-the-job injury. Contact a workers’ compensation attorney who understands the unique processes of filing a claim in Oklahoma. Our team will work with you step by step and advocate for you.

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