Athletes Can Get Workers’ Compensation, Too

People often see the glamour of pro sports. The lights, the crowds, the glory.

But attorney Emily Biscone sees the other side of the game.

“Athletes are just like any other working person, and they can get hurt on the job,” she said. They’re often eligible for workers’ compensation benefits when they are stuck on the bench.

Biscone is the designated Oklahoma representative for members of the Professional Hockey Players Association, the union for minor league players. And she represents other athletes as well.

She’s like a coach for their claims, helping players decide the best place to file. If a visiting player gets hurt playing in Oklahoma, for example, they may be eligible for larger benefits in the team’s home state. Players based in Oklahoma face the same hurdles. Biscone helps them make the right call.

She has seen an uptick in work with leagues shut down in last few months. Some players who were furloughed may not know they are eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

“People may wrongly assume compensation during injuries is part of the athlete’s contract, and collective bargaining agreements may not cover a player’s pay during a shutdown,” she said.

The union agreements may also dictate what doctors an injured athlete can see. Sometimes, Biscone and her team have to go on offense to get proper care for clients, just as they do for other working people.

Biscone can also go to bat to help players get disability benefits for severe injuries, and her team can help players find ongoing medical care.

Whether someone competes under the lights or works a regular 9-to-5, Emily Biscone can help take workers’ compensation and disability claims to the finish line.

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