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A 45-year-old man was killed when his vehicle was struck by the tire of a semi-tractor trailer which had come off of the truck. The two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on I-35 and the tire from the semi crossed the median striking the drivers side of the decedent’s vehicle. The Plaintiff was crushed to death. The tire had been improperly mounted on the axle. The surviving spouse and children of the deceased settled on the morning of the trial for $1,200,000.


Plaintiff, father and surviving spouse, and two minor children sued a trucking company for the wrongful death of wife and mother when a truck driver failed to acknowledge the Plaintiff’s vehicle was slowing down. Truck driver rear-ended the Plaintiff’s vehicle causing the death of Plaintiffs’ wife and mother. Defendant settled two weeks before trial for $1,000,000


Plaintiff was allowed to wander away from a memory care unit. She was found later, but had died from exposure.


Wrongful death case settled for the available insurance policy limit of $500,000.


A 44-year-old male was diagnosed with lung cancer. Physician recommended that his lung be removed. At close of the operation a suture came loose from a tied off artery and decedent bled to death on the operating table. Subsequent pathology of the lung revealed that no cancer was present but instead was only an infection which would not have necessitated a pneumonectomy. Widow settled one week prior to trial for $500,000.


A 65-year-old man working for the State Department of Transportation on a road crew was struck and killed by a semi-tractor trailer which was coming through a road construction area faster than the posted sign allowed. The surviving spouse settled for $500,000.


Plaintiff was being transported by the nursing home to the hospital. Her wheelchair was improperly secured, and she later died from her injuries.


Plaintiff’s son was killed in a motor vehicle wreck when Defendant commercial vehicle failed to yield. Plaintiff’s decedent was a single individual with no children. Case settled for $300,000.


Plaintiff was allowed to fall, sustained a head injury and later died. The nursing home was sued for negligence.


Plaintiff died as a result of her injuries from nursing home abuse.


Plaintiff’s relative was left outside and died from exposure. The nursing home was sued for negligence.


Plaintiff, a 30-year-old man, was driving his vehicle north on I-35 near Dallas, Texas. The Defendant, who had been drinking, was driving his vehicle south on I-35 but in the north bound lane of traffic striking the Plaintiff’s vehicle head on. Plaintiff was killed instantly. The Plaintiff was survived by his mother. The case was settled for $150,000 which was the full extent of the liability coverage.

Undisclosed amount – Plaintiffs sued Assisted Living Center for the wrongful death of their mother who was a resident in the Alzheimer Patient Care Center. Assisted Living Center was negligent in allowing the resident to wander away where she was subsequently found deceased a day later. Case was settled before trial.

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