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Plaintiff was rear-ended by a Ford F-250 truck going 70 mph in a construction zone. The pickup drove over the plaintiff's car, significantly injuring the woman who was driving and her daughter. The F-250 belonged to a company which we proved was liable for “negligent entrustment” because of the driver's history of drug use. After three years of litigation, the case was settled a week before trial for $5,700,000.


Plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury when the driver of a semi-truck pulling a flatbed trailer lost control during a severe rainstorm, causing a collision. Johnson & Biscone successfully proved the driver had endangered others on the roadway by driving too fast for the weather conditions. The plaintiff was unable to return to work following the incident and was awarded $5,500,000.


When an Oklahoma worker was seriously injured by a defective product, our firm took on his personal injury case. Bryce Johnson worked tirelessly to achieve his compensation and was able to reach a $1,200,000 settlement for our client.


Client suffered a traumatic brain injury, which proved to be debilitating. She was unable to return to work following her accident. Attorneys Bryce Johnson and Sherman Reed settled her case for $1,100,000.


Plaintiff was riding a Honda 3-wheel ATV when it suddenly rolled. Plaintiff was driving at a slow speed of 10 mph on flat ground. He was ejected from the 3-wheeler hitting his head on the pavement sustaining brain injuries. Case tried and jury verdict of $1,000,000.


Plaintiff’s vehicle was hit by an oil company truck in western Oklahoma after it ran a stop sign. The collision caused the plaintiff a mild traumatic brain injury, resulting in uncontrollable headaches and a seizure disorder. After finding the plaintiff quality medical care, we settled the case for $750,000.


Plaintiff slipped and fell when a cleaning crew spilled soapy water and failed to mark it with a warning sign.


Plaintiff slipped and fell on a hazardous sidewalk.


Plaintiff was falsely accused of shoplifting and was assaulted by a security guard. Plaintiff sustained psychological trauma and incurred $1,300 in medical expenses. Plaintiff settled during mediation for $25,000.

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