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Plaintiff was riding his motorcycle in Oklahoma City when Defendant failed to yield right of way striking Plaintiff. Plaintiff sustained comminuted fractures to the tibia and fibula of his left leg and head injuries. Case settled for $2,200,000.


Plaintiff was killed when the other driver failed to yield.


Plaintiff was traveling through an intersection in Tulsa on a motorcycle and the Defendant failed to allow the Plaintiff to clear the intersection before starting out. A witness noted the driver was reading some documents prior to putting his truck into gear and pulling out into the intersection. The Plaintiff sustained severe leg damage to her right leg necessitating an amputation. The case was highly disputed on liability and was settled just prior to litigation. The settlement amount was $530,000.


Plaintiffs were struck while riding on their motorcycle when other vehicle failed to yield. Plaintiffs suffered leg fractures requiring surgical intervention. Case settled for $500,000.


Plaintiff was 20-years-old and driving a motorcycle when the uninsured Defendant turned left in front of the Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff sustained a mild concussion and fractures to the tibia. The Plaintiff was unemployed and incurred $30,000 in medical expenses. The case was settled for $300,000.


Defendant negligently changed lanes striking Plaintiff’s motorcycle. Plaintiff suffered a ruptured disc in his lumbar area. The Plaintiff incurred $8,000 in medical bills and was off work for two months. Case was settled for $80,000.

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