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Plaintiff was rendered a quadriplegic after numerous medical care providers misdiagnosed her condition.


Plaintiff underwent surgery by an under-qualified surgeon, resulting in a serious leg injury.


Plaintiff suffered wrongful death after medical negligence.


Plaintiff died after gall bladder surgery. Case settled for $1,200,000


Plaintiff’s sixteen month old daughter was admitted to the emergency room with a 104 degree fever. X-rays were ordered thinking the child might have pneumonia. The x-rays were read as normal. The child was discharged four days later. Two days after returning home the child started spitting up blood and bled to death. Autopsy revealed a small hole in the carotid artery and subsequent viewing of x-rays taken in the hospital revealed the child had swallowed a tack. Two x-rays viewed revealed this, but the physicians overlooked it when the child was in the hospital. Parents settled weekend before trial for $1,000,000.


Plaintiff was a 39-year-old female who developed pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. After she was admitted to the hospital for labor, the pre-eclampsia progressed to a severe degree. Physicians failed to recognize the severe pre-eclampsia and did not administer medication. She died two days later due to a massive cerebral hemorrhage. A healthy baby was delivered by C-section immediately after she suffered the cerebral hemorrhage. Surviving spouse settled shortly prior to trial for $1,000,000.


Plaintiff underwent an unnecessary and botched surgery to his leg.


Plaintiff suffered wrongful death after medical negligence.


Failure to diagnose. Case settled for $900,000


Plaintiff suffered serious injuries after a doctor failed to do a proper arterial bypass.


Plaintiff hired attorneys Bryce Johnson and James J. Biscone, who settled their medical malpractice case for over $500,000.


Plaintiff contacted attorneys Bryce Johnson and James J. Biscone for legal representation in a medical negligence case. Bryce and James successfully settled the case for more than $500,000.


Plaintiff had an artificial hip placement in 1983. In 1991, the Defendant was performing a revision of the artificial right hip. During the surgery, the physician, while using electrocautery, partially burned the sciatic nerve leaving the Plaintiff with a permanent drop foot. Plaintiff was 45-years-old and had worked for the railroad for 19 years. The Plaintiff was off work for 18 months as a result of the injury and he incurred an additional $3,500 in medical expenses. The jury returned a verdict for $450,000.


Plaintiff was improperly treated by her pain management physician.


Plaintiff suffered medical negligence when an emergency room physician failed to properly diagnose his condition.


Plaintiff suffered wrongful death after medical malpractice.


Plaintiff sued his carrier for bad faith in not paying his policy limits to the family of a deceased girl in which the Plaintiff caused the death of their daughter in an automobile accident. The Plaintiff settled the case a week prior to trial for $250,000.

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