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Plaintiff was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident with an inattentive driver likely using a cell phone. Following a year and a half of complex litigation, the Plaintiff was awarded a settlement of $2,400,000.


Plaintiff was struck head on by a pickup truck that crossed the center line.


Plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident with an oilfield worker who was driving a pickup. Through the discovery process, it was established that the oilfield company worked their employees to the point of exhaustion, putting profits ahead of safety. The company also failed to enforce its cell phone policy, and at the time of the wreck, the defendant driver was not only working on very limited sleep, he was distracted by the use of his cell phone.


Defendant’s employee ran a stop sign striking the passenger side of the vehicle in which the Plaintiff was a passenger. Plaintiff struck the windshield sustaining a moderate brain injury and was in a coma for four days. Extensive cognitive rehabilitation was required for the trauma. Plaintiff was off work for seven months and incurred $60,000 in medical bills. She returned to work as a LPN at a nursing home, but had continued problems with memory and concentration. Case was settled morning of the trial for $800,000.


Our client was hit on a country highway, and the at-fault driver lacked motorist insurance. Thankfully, the victim carried an uninsured motorist policy, which allowed us to successfully pursue legal action and help him find the right physicians to start his healing process. Bryce Johnson and James J. Biscone settled his case right before Christmas for $750,000.


Plaintiff was in a motor vehicle accident with an oilfield truck when the truck’s brakes failed. Johnson & Biscone proved the truck should have never been on the road that day and the brakes had not worked for at least a month prior to the collision.


Plaintiff was badly injured in a motor vehicle accident and required lower back surgery. While he healed, our team fought for his deserved compensation and settled his case for $650,000.


Attorneys Bryce Johnson and James J. Biscone successfully concluded another case involving a motor vehicle collision. They earned an exceptional, speedy result for this client, who could focus on healing after being injured in the accident.


Plaintiff was rear-ended on the highway and suffered a traumatic brain injury.


Plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident when another driver failed to yield.


Plaintiff was run off the road by a vehicle in the early morning hours on a holiday weekend. The at-fault vehicle fled the scene, but recovery was possible because the vehicle the plaintiff was driving had uninsured motorist insurance. Johnson & Biscone also proved the plaintiff was working. This is a great example of a crossover case where it’s beneficial to have the same law firm working multiple claims to maximize recovery.


Plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident when another driver failed to yield


Plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident when another driver failed to yield.


After a woman came to our firm for help following an accident, Bryce Johnson and James J. Biscone hopped on her case. They discovered the at-fault driver didn't have insurance to cover our client's medical expenses. The good news: the victim had uninsured motorist coverage, which protects the policy holder if they are hit and injured by a driver who doesn't carry auto insurance. After fighting tirelessly for her compensation, Bryce and James achieved a $272,000 settlement to help alleviate her pain and suffering.


Plaintiff was a passenger in a car which was driven by an intoxicated driver. Driver lost control of the vehicle and as a result of the front seat collapsing, Plaintiff was ejected through the back window. Plaintiff sustained a closed head injury. Case was settled for $220,000.


Plaintiff sustained a compound-comminuted fracture of the ankle when her vehicle was struck by the Defendant who turned left in front of the Plaintiff’s vehicle. The Plaintiff incurred $14,000 in medical bills and was off work for six months. The case was settled for $220,000.


A mother and her family were struck by driver who ran a stop sign. The mother went on to have shoulder surgery, made a great recovery, and the case settled out of court.


James Biscone and Bryce Johnson represented a woman who felt like an insurance company was taking advantage of her following a car accident. Bryce and James navigated the complex claims process to help her achieve a settlement. We love standing up for good folks and are thankful this client came to us for guidance.


Plaintiff sustained injury when she was rear-ended at a high rate of speed on a countryside state highway. Plaintiff was medi-flighted to the nearest trauma 1 hospital. The case was settled for the entire policy limit available for the collision, $130,000.


Plaintiff was injured from an accident that occurred during rush hour traffic. The Plaintiff was found to be a surgical candidate but she was hesitant to undergo the operation for various reasons. Our team maximized her recovery, putting enough in her pocket so that she could decide on her own down the road. The case was settled for $106,000.

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