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Personal Injury Settlements Case Results


Plaintiff was rear-ended by a Ford F-250 truck going 70 mph in a construction zone. The pickup drove over the plaintiff’s car, significantly injuring the woman who was driving and her daughter. The F-250 belonged to a company which we proved was liable for “negligent entrustment” because of the driver’s history of drug use. After three years of litigation, the case was settled a week before trial for $5,700,000.


Plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury when the driver of a semi-truck pulling a flatbed trailer lost control during a severe rainstorm, causing a collision. Johnson & Biscone successfully proved the driver had endangered others on the roadway by driving too fast for the weather conditions. The plaintiff was unable to return to work following the incident and was awarded $5,500,000.

Car Accident Settlements Case Results


Plaintiff was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident with an inattentive driver likely using a cell phone. Following a year and a half of complex litigation, the Plaintiff was awarded a settlement of $2,400,000.


Plaintiff was struck head on by a pickup truck that crossed the center line.

Trucking Accident Settlements Case Results


A woman was driving on a country highway when she was hit by a semi-truck. She sustained injuries and required two spinal surgeries. The case was resolved for $800,000 just a few weeks before the trial.


Plaintiff was traveling through Oklahoma on I-44 when a semi-truck hit him. After litigating the case in Federal Court, the case was resolved for $775,000.


Plaintiff was hit head on by a tank truck which had defective brakes and was driven by a poorly qualified driver. Plaintiff sustained serious damages to her hip joint necessitating the replacement of her natural hip with a prosthetic joint. She incurred approximately $60,000 in medical bills. She was 39-years-old and she will have a permanent limp due to sciatic nerve damage. The case settled one month before trial. Recovery of $750,000.

Motorcycle Accident Settlements Case Results


Plaintiff was riding his motorcycle in Oklahoma City when Defendant failed to yield right of way striking Plaintiff. Plaintiff sustained comminuted fractures to the tibia and fibula of his left leg and head injuries. Case settled for $2,200,000.


Plaintiff was killed when the other driver failed to yield.

Oilfield Accident Settlements Case Results


Plaintiff was seriously injured while working for an insulation company at a mid-stream natural gas processing facility. The general contractor failed to ensure all workers were a safe distance away from the area where they were testing the system. Plaintiff was injured when he fell from scaffolding where he was working.


Plaintiff was badly injured in an oilfield drilling accident. The defendants failed to supervise to ensure work was being completed safely. The injured worker hired our law firm to handle both his workers’ compensation case and his oil field negligence case. The case was settled before trial for $1,100,000.

Medical Negligence Settlements Case Results


Plaintiff was rendered a quadriplegic after numerous medical care providers misdiagnosed her condition.


Plaintiff underwent surgery by an under-qualified surgeon, resulting in a serious leg injury.

Wrongful Death Settlements Case Results


A 45-year-old man was killed when his vehicle was struck by the tire of a semi-tractor trailer which had come off of the truck. The two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on I-35 and the tire from the semi crossed the median striking the drivers side of the decedent’s vehicle. The Plaintiff was crushed to death. The tire had been improperly mounted on the axle. The surviving spouse and children of the deceased settled on the morning of the trial for $1,200,000.


Plaintiff, father and surviving spouse, and two minor children sued a trucking company for the wrongful death of wife and mother when a truck driver failed to acknowledge the Plaintiff’s vehicle was slowing down. Truck driver rear-ended the Plaintiff’s vehicle causing the death of Plaintiffs’ wife and mother. Defendant settled two weeks before trial for $1,000,000

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