Why You Need an Expert Lawyer for Your Brain Injury Case

Case Areas Blogs (58)  Auto accidents often cause obvious injuries – cuts, scrapes, broken bones and injured joints. And everyone recognizes those are eligible for compensation when someone else is at fault. But attorney Bryce Johnson says because people often can’t see brain injuries – sometimes called “invisible injuries” – they may not get proper treatment, and victims may not realize they are entitled to compensation.

Johnson says concussions and other traumas deserve to be treated like other physical problems.

“In fact, brain injuries may be eligible for larger settlements because the brain is so important,” he said. “The brain is the most significant part of the body, because it controls all the other parts, which compounds any other harm.”

An infographic about brain injury statistics in the US. He notes that, like other injuries, head trauma should be examined by a doctor immediately after a wreck to look for problems such as bleeding on the brain that require emergency treatment.

“See a doctor as soon as possible after a blow to the head, especially after a loss of consciousness, even if it only lasted for a few seconds,” he said.

An exam can also set the stage for diagnosing less-obvious problems which may develop later, such as memory decline, irritability and confusion.

It’s also critical to find a legal expert who knows the symptoms of a brain injury. Johnson, who recently won two $5 million settlements for clients with brain injuries, understands what evidence is required to ensure proper compensation.

“Many other injuries from a crash can heal completely or have only minor lasting effects,” Johnson said. “But a brain injury can have a long-term effect on everything a person does in life. Even someone who can still perform tasks normally in a controlled situation may have problems in day-to-day life, and that affects a settlement,” he said.

Johnson notes it doesn’t matter whether the injury can objectively be shown on a scan or not. The right lawyer can help make the difference in making life comfortable again.

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