SSDI Claim Approval Rates: What You Need to Know

If you’ve suffered a disability that prevents you from working, you may be entitled to file a Social Security Disability (SSDI) claim to recover benefits. This system has been established to help disabled individuals stay financially afloat when they are no longer able to earn a living due to their impairment.

Unfortunately, getting your SSDI claim approved can often be a challenging process. In fact, only 42% of all SSDI claims are approved. For this reason, it’s crucial that you work with an experienced SSDI lawyer who can increase the likelihood that you’ll receive the benefits to which you’re entitled.

The following infographic highlights the approval rates of SSDI claims for common impairments, as well as by age and gender. The attorneys at Johnson & Biscone can help you navigate this complex process to ensure your claim isn’t unfairly denied.

infographic highlighting approval rates for various Social Security Disability (SSDI) claims

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