How Workers’ Compensation Law Changes Affect You

If you live and work in Oklahoma, then you have probably heard of the recent workers’ compensation law reforms. The new system provides an opt-out option for certain employers, allowing them to select the type of compensation benefits they offer. While the potential savings for these employers may be substantial, opponents of the new reform say that employers can now determine what they cover and what they don’t, leaving some employees without the compensation they need.

Oklahoma has become only the second state, besides Texas, to provide employers with a choice to opt-out of the current state workers’ compensation system. The reform came after much debate of whether the current system is the best option for employers. Most employers want to manage their own workers’ comp benefits rather than paying into a larger, state system.

Certain breakdowns can occur when an employer selects the type of benefits they provide and an employee gets hurt but is not covered by their employer’s compensation plan. If employees are unaware of the changes, they could be stuck with expensive medical bills for their injuries, which could devastate a person.

These breakdowns are the scariest for Oklahomans across the state as they may not be covered if they get hurt on the job. Luckily, workers’ compensation benefits can be challenged in a court of law with the help of experienced lawyers.

The attorneys at Johnson & Biscone are well versed in the new workers’ comp reform and are prepared to represent anyone why has been wronged by the recent changes. Confusion is rampant with these new reforms and people need the help of an attorney if they wish to recover the amount of compensation they need for medical and all other expenses. Our attorneys will consult with you today for free and determine how he can best accommodate you.

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