Alert- New Crestor Side Effects Discovered

A study has discovered individuals taking the cholesterol medication Crestor and other HMG-CoA inhibitors may be at a higher risk of kidney damage, muscle soreness, and even what has become known as Crestor Diabetes. The study determined that the newly discovered risks of kidney damage, while small, still possess the potential to cause serious damage. Personal injury class action lawsuits against AstraZeneca, the maker of Crestor, are already in progress as a result of directly causing diabetes, and it is likely additional lawsuits will follow for those who have or have yet to experience kidney damage. If you have been taking Crestor or any other HMG-CoA inhibitor and have experienced any type of kidney issue, talk to your doctor before anyone else! But, after your doctor, call a personal injury lawyer to find out about any potential class action lawsuits in progress. Don’t get stuck with hospital bills and preventable damage to your health! Contact the law offices of Johnson and Biscone today to schedule a free consultation.

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