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Posted: September 13, 2016
Question: What is workers’ compensation? Answer: Workers’ compensation is a state benefit program for injured workers. It was established in the 1920s. It is a compromise plan where employers are relieved of their liability if an employee is hurt due to the negligence of an employer or a co-… Read Full Post
Posted: March 02, 2016
There’s good news for injured workers from the Oklahoma Supreme Court.  The Court has found unconstitutional a clause the Oklahoma legislature added to the state workers’ compensation law in 2014.  The clause required that cumulative trauma cases in a workers’ compensation claim were not… Read Full Post
Posted: February 19, 2016
Two years have passed since Oklahoma enacted the last major change in workers’ compensation law. Only one bill concerning workers’ compensation was filed heading into the 2016 Oklahoma legislative session, but that doesn’t mean another big change won’t happen. Before the session began February 1,… Read Full Post
Posted: December 21, 2015
A groundbreaking Oklahoma legal case has proved why workers’ compensation matters. An Oklahoma woman named Ms. Viola Sugg recently won her case with the Oklahoma Supreme Court after she was initially denied workers’ compensation benefits that she was legally owed. In this case, claimant Viola… Read Full Post
Posted: September 14, 2015
This article was published September 6, 2015, as a banner headline on the Sunday newspaper. It is a travesty and an embarrassment to the worker of Oklahoma that a state agency is negotiating with employers regarding fines which are to be imposed for failure to carry workers’ compensation insurance… Read Full Post
Posted: September 01, 2015
Oral argument is set before the Oklahoma Supreme Court in case No. 113,811 for 9:30am, Sept. 30, 2015. The appeal challenges: The use of the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides, Sixth Edition, to rate disability The deferment of permanent partial disability awards if a worker returns to… Read Full Post
Posted: January 16, 2014
February 1 marks the day of transition for the Oklahoma workers’ compensation system. Cases filed before this date will remain with the existing Workers' Compensation Court, which will become the Court of Existing Claims. Any injury case after the first of the month will be handled by… Read Full Post
Posted: December 16, 2013
The verdict of the challenged Oklahoma workers’ compensation law is that the new law is constitutional and will take effect in February of next year. The Oklahoma Supreme Court rejected the challenge today just one week after hearing oral arguments by both sides of the debate. The new workers’… Read Full Post
Posted: December 02, 2013
After two Oklahoma state lawmakers and the Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma challenged the new workers’ compensation law, the Oklahoma Supreme Court will hear attorney arguments on Dec. 10 at 9 a.m. The Oklahoma Supreme Court accepted the case to determine the constitutionality of the new… Read Full Post
Posted: October 30, 2013
A workers comp scenario begins when a worker gets hurt on the job. Whether it’s a slip and fall case, injury from machinery or exposure to harmful products, an employer is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of employees while on the job. When an employer neglects safety or decides to… Read Full Post