Motorcycle Accident

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Posted: June 11, 2021
Although motorcycle accidents are just as frequent as other automobile crashes, they are much more likely to result in injury or death. Even simple, low speed collisions can be incredibly dangerous for the rider, especially if they are not wearing a helmet or protective gear. For this reason, it is… Read Full Post
Posted: July 13, 2020
If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your damages. It’s important that you act quickly after suffering a motorcycle accident injury. There are certain deadlines, called statutes of limitations, imposed… Read Full Post
Posted: July 09, 2019
When it comes to what to do in the moment after car accidents, there are common misconceptions. Take a moment to review the steps you should take to protect yourself. Myth: You don’t need to call the police Truth: If you’re in a car accident, call the police to the scene to assess injuries and… Read Full Post
Posted: June 24, 2019
Summer is in full swing, and it’s a great time to cruise the open roads of Oklahoma on a motorcycle. Very few experiences are more exhilarating than a long motorcycle ride during the summer. At the same time, very few things are more dangerous. Due to the lack of protection afforded by bikes,… Read Full Post
Posted: May 20, 2019
Due to the lack of protection afforded by motorcycles, catastrophic injuries often occur in the event of a collision. Therefore, it’s crucial that you take the steps necessary to reduce your risk of a motorcycle accident. The attorneys at Johnson & Biscone have witnessed first-hand the… Read Full Post
Posted: December 27, 2018
An automobile crash is stressful and frightening. Many things run through a driver’s mind: Am I OK? Is anyone else hurt? Can I drive my car? Where is my insurance card? Should I call the police? Whether it’s a major wreck or it seems like just a fender bender, the answer to the last question is… Read Full Post
Posted: August 31, 2012
Bryce Johnson of Johnson and Biscone recently settled a case involving a motorcycle rider run down by a teen driver talking on her cell phone while driving an SUV.    The injuries to the client were extensive resulting in a fractured pelvis and numerous other orthopedic injuries… Read Full Post