Who Is Liable in My Pharmaceutical Lawsuit in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma injury lawyers If you’ve been harmed by a pharmaceutical drug, then you may wish to file a lawsuit against those who are responsible.

Filing a lawsuit helps you pay your medical bills, cover lost income, and cover other expenses incurred as a result of your injuries.

But who exactly is liable in pharmaceutical litigation? Pharmaceutical drug lawyers in Oklahoma Johnson & Biscone are answering that question today.

Doctors, Pharmacists, and Pharmaceutical Companies Can All Be Held Liable

Doctors, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies are the individuals and organizations most often held liable for a pharmaceutical lawsuit.

Many injuries occur every year due to prescription drugs. In many cases, one of the three parties listed above is to blame. For example:

Doctors can be held liable for negligent prescription or administration of medicine. Doctors have an obligation to provide the generally accepted medical care to patients. If the denial or delay of treatment has the potential to cause harm, then the physician may also be obligated to expedite access to another physician if possible.

Pharmacists may provide inadequate labeling or dosages for a certain drug, or a clerical error could confuse two different types of drugs. Pharmacists have an obligation to accurately dispense medicine.

-Pharmaceutical companies might fail to disclose a certain side effect of the drug, or may not release the full results of a clinical trial that indicated the drug had more serious side effects. Pharmaceutical companies are obligated to design, manufacturer, inspect, and label a product appropriately. If that obligation isn’t met, then the pharmaceutical company may be held liable.

Who is Responsible in your Pharmaceutical Lawsuit?

Understandably, there can be a grey area in most pharmaceutical lawsuits. Is the pharmaceutical company responsible because they knowingly released a drug that causes heart problems onto the market? Or is the doctor responsible because they recommended this drug to you knowing it had negative side effects?

There’s no easy way to answer that question without knowing full details of your case. With the help of the pharmaceutical litigation team at Johnson & Biscone, however, you can stand up for your rights against some of the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest players.

Oklahoma City’s own Johnson & Biscone have experience handling a diverse range of dangerous drug cases, including firsthand expertise with Actos and bladder cancer, talcum powder and ovarian cancer, low testosterone treatments and health issues, and Xarelto.

The law firm is also currently accepting all types of dangerous drug cases, including Yaz, Avandia, Xarelto, and other types of medications.

To understand who may be responsible in your pharmaceutical litigation, please call 405-232-6490 to immediately receive a free consultation.

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