Virtual Vindicators: Our Legal Team Continues To Fight Despite Court Closures

Many industries have transitioned to virtual work environments due to the COVID-19 crisis, and the legal industry is no exception. The Johnson & Biscone team is now working remotely while continuing to fight diligently for our clients. Though courthouses across Oklahoma are closed and scheduled hearings are postponed, our team is finding innovative ways to ensure case progression continues.

Necessary social distancing guidelines make in-person meetings impossible, but virtual mediation means we can help clients from afar. This saves our clients from prolonging cases and allows many to move forward and even be resolved.

We’re also conducting virtual depositions — often a critical part of the discovery process, depositions don’t require a judge’s supervision. Moving forward with discovery while courthouses are closed means cases may more quickly move to trial once we return to business as usual.

In these uncertain times, we know our clients need deserved settlements now more than ever — our attorneys continue to fight for fair settlements and case resolutions for our clients. We never back down, and we’re especially committed to fighting for our clients now.

While some businesses have slowed down, our team continues to move full steam ahead for our clients and potential clients. Now is a great time to take legal action, and our team is ready and available for virtual video consultations. Contact Johnson & Biscone by calling 405-232-6490 or completing the form on this page. We stand ready to virtually assist you!

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