The Most Common Personal Injuries during the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So goes the song, and we’re inclined to agree. Holidays are a time to celebrate, a time to give thanks, and a time to deck the halls. Our law firm wants you to enjoy the winter holidays safely.

There are a few features of the winter season and holiday festivities that tend to increase the risk of serious personal injuries like these:

  • Burns, especially as home-cooking and frying increases for holiday meals
  • Slip and fall injuries caused by wet/icy/snowy walking surfaces
  • Snowmobiling/sledding injuries
  • Pedestrian injuries caused by collisions with motor vehicles (limited daylight hours make pedestrians that much more difficult to see)
  • Traffic accidents
  • Burns and smoke inhalation from home fires, which can become more likely because of candle burning and increased use of the stove
  • Carbon monoxide injuries from fireplaces and malfunctioning gas appliances
  • Home injuries, such as falls from ladders, trip and falls on holiday décor, lacerations, back injuries from clearing snow/leaves, etc.

A lot of holiday injuries can be chalked up to the victim’s unfortunate moment of carelessness. While we do hope you will take care to prevent these injuries and seek medical care should they occur, there is not usually any legal recourse if the injury was completely your fault.

On the other hand, if the incident that injured you was caused by someone else’s negligence, then our attorney may be able to help you pursue maximum compensation. Negligence means someone else’s carelessness led to the injury. For example:

  • A texting driver causes a crash that injures other motorists or pedestrians
  • A drunk driver causes a crash that injures other motorists or pedestrians
  • A defective gas appliance leads to a carbon monoxide leak
  • A private snowplay area fails to keep the premises reasonably safe
  • A toy manufacturer makes an unreasonably dangerous toy

In such circumstances and others, an injured victim may be able to pursue justice and compensation with a personal injury claim handled by our law firm.

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